Brief Description


LabSosio is a sociological research center that tries to make contributions to the development of sociology (as an empirical social science) and the development of innovative Indonesian social policies towards a more equitable and democratic society reformation and transformation.

LabSosio has several research clustrers:
– Cultural Transformation and New Media
– Education and Social Transformation
– Economy, Organization and Society
– Family and Social Transformation: Development Family Wellbeing Index
– Relation Between Society and Extractive Industry
– Rural Ecological Society
– Social Inclusion and Transformation
– Sustainable Economic Management of Natural Resources and Extractive Industry
– Urban Social Development toward Inclusive Society


LabSosio was established in 1987 as a mean of research for sociologists in conjunction with teaching activities. Through this activity, the sociologists are trying to implement a variety of empirical and theoretical knowledge of the problems and issues of social change in the undergoing transition Indonesian society.

Over the years, LabSosio built partnerships and mutual cooperation with stakeholders, ranging from planning agencies at the local, regional, and national institutions to community organizations (civil society organizations). Similar efforts are also made to private companies and multilateral development and international agencies.

Our interests and common objective is directed to the fairer, higher levels of prosperity and more democratic political, social and cultural Indonesia development .

Vision dan Mission


Establishing Universitas Indonesia as an independent and superior university that is capable of resolving problems and challenges nationally and globally, as an elite university in South East Asia.


  • Generate policy research that has national wide relevance and has impact on the dynamics of the cooperation of civil society, public governance and private sector.
  • Produce models of planning and social development policies that are innovative, institutionalized, and interdisciplinary in both the macro and micro levels.
  • Support the assessment, monitoring, evaluation design and implementation of policies
  • Provide opportunities and remodel the participation of stakeholders in the community and local level programs
  • Provide input and / or pioneer innovative projects at local and regional levels
  • Strengthen international cooperation and affiliation in research and development of the social sciences

Why LabSosio

  • We use sociological approach, supported by cross-disciplinary perspectives
  • Analysis of profound problems and provide an alternative solution through the search of needs, situation analysis, strategic and operational planning, monitoring and evaluation, training and consulting
  • Good qualifications and experienced researchers
  • Commitment to credibility, accountability, and reliability
  • Have competencis on skills and networking