Training on Modul I (Small Medium Industries)

Selasa, 05 Juni 2001, Tempat : Balai Penelitian, Dinas Perindustrian DKI Jakarta, Penyelengara : Drs. Rizal Hikmat, MT
The purpose of this training is, firstly, to provide small- and medium-scale industry (Industri Kecil Menengah, IKM) personnel with an understanding of Module I, and secondly, to improve quality management systems knowledge of these personnel. Module I is a simplified version of SNI (Indonesian National Standard) 19-9000. The 56-hour training is carried out in collaboration with Dinas Perindustrian Propinsi DKI Jakarta. The subjects in this training consist of national standardization policy; standardization, certification and accreditization systems; introduction to quality management systems; structure and element of SNI 19-9000; recognition and application of Module I; quality systems documentation; workshop on the preparation of quality systems documents; and quality systems audit.


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