Discussion on the history of labor movement in Indonesia

Rabu, 27 Juni 2001, Tempat : Seminar Room, LabSosio, Depok, Penyelengara : Drs. Hari Nugroho & Drs. Rizaldi Parani, MIR

The discussion is designed to share knowledge on labor issues in Indonesia by inviting Jan Elliot and Michelle Ford of Wollongong University, Australian and Wim, an SBSI volunteer from Belgium. The discussion starts with a description the relation of state and labor in during the “old-order” and “new-order” regimes. Several aspects on the development of labor union were also discussed. These aspects, among others, are the independency of labor union, orientation of labor movement and effectiveness of labor union. Talks on the possibility of extending the discussion in similar discussion forums between Lab-Sosio and University of Wollongong concludes the discussion.


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