One-day seminar on performance review and discourse development of Joint team for combating corruption

Rabu, 25 Juli 2001, : Dra. Ida Ruwaida Noor, MSi
This one-day seminar was conducted in conjunction with the study on performance review and discourse development joint team for combating corruption. The Vice chairperson of General Attorney, on behalf of Mr. Marsilam Simanjutak (as a Chairperson) delivered the keynote address. Reserch findings were presented by Prof. Kamanto Sunarto, SH,PhD ; Dr. Harkristuti Harkrisnowo and Drs. Iqbal Djajadi MSi, who are the main researchers. Two sessions of panel discussion and one floor discussion completed the seminar. As resource persons who reviewed the finding of study came from several instutions, such: parlement member; members of anti-orruption team; corruption watch forum; academician ; lawyers ; etc. There were 125 participant attended the seminar. Seminar was conducted at Gran Melia Hotel, Jakarta.


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