Feasibility study of the establishment of vocational training institute in Indonesia

Gap between the results of the education system and the job requirement are well known. Education can only provide its students with basic knowledge, while a company demands its workers to possess not only scientific knowledge but also specific practical skills. The study is an assessment of the possibility for establishing a vocational training institute in Indonesia.br>
The study, funded by PT Mitra Inkatama (Korean Company), is enriched by the fact that during the time of the study the economic condition of Indonesia is still struggling to get out of a recession with some indication toward improvement. This situation can in fact give positive as well as negative effect on the establishment of the institute. Positive in the sense that the size of the work force is enormous so that the intention for these men and women to enter the training are very promising. However, political instability and insecurity in general do not provide a conducive climate for doing business.br>
One interesting point worth mentioning here is that there are some fields of work unaffected by the crisis. These fields are managerial finance, business economics, computer and foreign languages.


October – November 2001