The making of civil society in Indonesia: historical and contemporary perspectives

This research is being and will be performed in cooperation with University of Nijmegen, University of Utrecht and University of Twente. As funding agency is KNAW (The Royal Netherlands Academy of Science). The proposed research project has two main research lines: (a) the first research line, on political-ideological developments, focuses on the public discourse on civil society among the main political, religious and communal groups in Indonesia and on the organizational forms of these movements and networks. Senior staff involved in this research line: Schulte Nordholt, Van Bruinessen, Mohammad Hikam and Kutut Suwondo. (b) The second research line focuses on socio-economic developments, will study policies on people?s economy, the contrast between large conglomerates and small and medium scale enterprises, cooperatives, business associations and networks and the various forms of organization for economic activities. Senior staff involved in this research line: Rochman Achwan, W. Wolters, Schmit and others.

The general aim of the project is to organize three conferences, each on a specific topic, to discuss and analyze research findings. The conferences will be attended by the senior researchers, the four Ph.D. students, the commissioned researchers, invited experts and scholars from Indonesia and others countries. These conferences will result in book publications.