Basic investigation on social welfare problem bearers and street vendors in Tangerang, Banten

Although located at the province of Banten, the city of Tangerang due to its proximity to Jakarta has a strategic role both economically through its contribution to the industrial sector as well as socially. Development process, including that of Tangerang, could not rest solely on economic sector, but it also has to account for the development of the society itself. Development Planning Agency of local Government of Tangerang was supported this project.

From the social point of view, the social problem in the city of Tangerang is multidimensional. One of them is related to those who life bellow subsistence. The contribution of this study is to provide a description of those with social welfare problems, in particular the social network of anak jalanan (children who spend most of their days in the streets), beggars, pedicab driver, prostitutes and transvestites and street vendors in Tangerang, Banten.

The scope of the study is conducted by stages. First, mapping of target population along with their working area and dwellings. Second, describing the profile of target groups. Third, describing the problems and conditions, and suggestions for analyzing and improving the situation, and making prediction based on trends. Finally, integrating the results into a data base.

September – December, 2001