Book Launching “Ekonomi Dalam Perspektif Ilmu Sosial: Spesialisasi dan Konvergensi Ilmu”

Book Launching "Ekonomi Dalam Perspektif Ilmu Sosial: Spesialisasi dan Konvergensi Ilmu"



Edited and translated

Miriam Budiardjo Resource Center and LabSosio UI held a book review entitled Economics In Perspective of Social Sciences: Specialization and Convergence of Science. This activity was held on Wednesday (26/4) at MBRC on 1st floor.

The Economic Book In The Perspective of Social Sciences was written collaboratively by two lecturers, Ricardi S. Adnan from FISIP UI, and Banu Muhammad Haidlir, SE. MSE., whom is a lecturer of FEB UI. This book explained about social science factors that can be influential in one’s economic action.

“Everyone has a choice or that we often call opportunity cost in doing action. Things studied in Social Sciences is what can be the factor of a person determining the opportunity cost, “explained Banu Muhammad.

The event was also attended by reviewer who commented on the contents of the book. The reviewer was Dr. Maddarremmeng Panennungi from FEB UI, and Dr. Lisman Manurung from FIA UI. The two discussors commented on the substance and what are the shortcomings and advantages of the book Economics In Perspective of Social Sciences – Ekonomi dalam Perspektif Ilmu Sosial.

According to Lisman Manurung, this book still uses many curves that are difficult for readers who are not from the “economy”, i.e. economic field. Since the goal is also to target the “social”, then the curves need to be simplified. In addition, it would be better if the study in this book continued and added other factors that affect the economic field, such as law and psychology. Hopefully this book will issue the second edition with the added improvements.

Source: UI Update