LabSosio Research Cluster

Relation Between Society and Extractive Industry

Relation Between Society and Extractive Industry

LabSosio Research Cluster

The relationship between the dynamics of society with extractive industries, namely how to develop and build a relationship of mutual support between the two [society and extractive industries]. This study include: social baseline studies; conflict analysis and conflict resolution; mapping and analysis of the relationships among and with stakeholders, Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Development, social impact analysis, policy studies and strategy. The main purpose of this cluster work is for the development of academic namely theories, concepts, models, methods, indicators, and parameters, and practical or public in the form of analysis, recommendations, design planning (planning, can be relation or CSR or other), guidelines / similar practical completeness in the mining industry corporation practices. Academically, this cluster is expected to enrich new elective courses or refine the substance of elective courses that are available to suit the interests of students, both S1, S2 and S3. In this connection not only teaching staff can be involved, but undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students and other relevant alumni and stakeholders can join, of course, with proportional involvement.

Activity Plan

  • Completing 2 running research reports 
  • Preparing research proposal 2017, on Conflict Resolution
  • Writing cluster member journal articles
  • Revising the CSR manual
  • Discussion of research results of previous years
  • Discussion of literature reading results and study results 
  • CSR day setup: createcall for proposal
  • Discuss the plan, implementation, and evaluation of cluster activities
  • Conduct focused research on Conflict Resolution of Companies
  • Discussion of the results of cluster research, or other publications and research results
  • CSR day: create some sort of research day that once was done in FISIP / Sociology but specific to CSR. We can make call for paper so that outsiders of sociology can also present the results of the research.
  • Writing draft conflict resolution guide
  • In cooperation with UI Press to print revised book of Mine / Migas CSR Guideline
  • Writing Guidelines in “Preventing Conflict In Exploration”
  • Open presentation for JM posts (2017)

Sociology of Economy; Corporate Social Responsibility; Sociology of Environment
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Prof. Dr., Dody Prayogo, MPSt (Coordinator)

Aprilia Cahyani P. Putri (Secretary)

Rifqi Achmad Fauzi (Secretary)

Sociology of Economy; Corporate Social Responsibility
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Yosef Hilarius Timu Pera, M.Si (Lecturer)

Sulastri Sardjo, M.Si (Lecturer)

Corporate Social Responsibility; Social Mapping; Program Monitoring and Evaluation
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Sakti Wira Yudha, S.Sos., M.Si (Lecturer)

Sociology of Community; Social Policies
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Dr. Linda Darmajanti, MT (Lecturer)

Sociology of Industry; Sociology of Organization
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Dr. Ricardi S. Adnan, M.Si (Lecturer)

Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Mapping; Social Impact Assessment; Program Monitoring and Evaluation

Muhammad Irvan, M.SI (Associate)

Roy Ferdy Gunawan, MTI (Associate)

Tiara Wahyuningtyas

Student Members

PhD Students

  • Julia Kalmirah
  • Dian Kurnia Anggreta

Master Students

  • Aziz Fasya

Undergraduate Students

  • Vincent Reginald Wijaya
  • Audi Previo
  • Muhammad Aditya
  • Wicaksono
  • Siti Nurdiyana
  • cahyanti kusuma
  • anggraeni
  • Muhamad Ikhsan
  • Mujiatul Aviat
  • Farhana
  • Slamet Purwoko
  • Hermawan Dimas Agus
  • Ruzaki Hamda
  • Muhammad Aji Laksono
  • Muhammad Aldi
  • Gunawan
  • Ahmad Syah Rafsanjani
  • Farkhandah Putri Afifah
  • Rifqi Achmad Fauzi
  • Fadila Munawaroh
  • Nanda Alfa Syaebah
  • Alya Rizqia Farahdilla
  • Tri Musthofa Hadi
  • Yusup Ridwansyah


  • Sylvia Andriyani Kusumandari
  • Andriyanto Tri Saputra

Public Discussion


Community Engagement