Sociological Research Unit


LabSosio UI offers a topnotch service in research and training scope.
Our services including basic research, applied research, program planning, strategic planning, training, and workshop.


Research is our major activity of the institution. The research focuses on the policy development in conjunction with relevant middle-range theory construction, on current problems and issues of social development. Research in LabSosio has a strong core:

  • Sociological and interdisciplinary analysis focusing on problem identification and solutions
  • We exercise both quantitative and qualitative methodologies to deliver:
    • Assessment study
    • Stakeholder analysis
    • Monitoring and evaluation study
    • Social mapping
    • Baseline study
    • Longitudinal qualitative study


Community Engagements in LabSosio is our commitment to engage with the society and the public to improve their civic and citizenship capacity. The social activities include community development, community empowerment, conflict transformation, apprenticeship, and residency.


Our service training offers short courses for academics, activists, students, government officials, corporate, and other interested parties. From one session seminars to one week programs, our tailored training programs will be designed and delivered to meet stakeholders’ needs. We provide unique curriculums, participative and student-centered learning methods with experienced instructors and facilitators, database, and up to date learning cases.

Our prominent courses:

  • Social research methods: quantitative and qualitative
  • Community development or corporate social responsibilities (CD/CSR)
  • Social planning and strategic management
  • Writing skills for academic purposes.


Our client and network vary from central government, local government, national and international NGOs, private sectors, and we also collaborating research from universities. LabSosio also has networking throughout Indonesia, through Association of Undergraduate Programs on Sociology in Indonesia (APSSI), we are able to collaborate with professional lectures and researcher from sociology undergraduate program in every province in Indonesia. Some of our researchers also have personal membership national and international network, such as ISI (Association of Indonesian Sociology), ISA (International Sociology Association), IPPA (International Public Policy Association). LabSosio is home for researchers in the Department of Sociology Universitas Indonesia associated with nine research clusters.

Partners and Networks

  • Government National Corporations/MNC
  • Ministry of Social Affairs
  • Ministry of Population and Environment
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Ministry of Religious Affairs
  • Ministry of Communication and IT
  • State Ministry of Cooperative and Small/Medium Enterprises
  • Coordinator Ministry of Social Welfare
  • National Development Planning Agency
  • National Team on Poverty Reduction (TNP2K)
  • National Agency on the Protection of Migrant Workers (BNP2TKI)
  • DKI Jakarta Regional Planning Agency
  • Local Government of DKI Jakarta
  • Local Government of Banten
  • Local Government of Depok
Corporations / Multi-National Companies
  • Corporation and Development of Emerging Countries, Institute ofResearch and Teaching About Negotiation (ESSEC IRENE), Paris
  • BANPU Group/ ITM
  • Unocal Indonesia
  • BP Indonesia
  • Newmont Nusa Tenggara
  • ConocoPhillips Indonesia
  • Berau Indonesia
  • Kalimantan Prima Coal
  • BHP – Arutmin
  • Pentasena
  • Lyman Argo
  • Japan Bank Int. Corp.
  • Premier Oil
  • Matahari Putra Prima, Tbk
  • ENI Indonesia
  • Harian KOMPAS
  • Kangean Energy Indonesia
  • Evans Lestari
  • Astra International Tbk
International Agencies and Universities
  • UNDP
  • WHO
  • NAW – Netherlands
  • Centre for Japanese Studies UI
  • NDI for International Affairs
  • Asia Research Center Murdoch University
  • European Union
  • The Asia Foundation
  • TIFA Foundation
  • Respect Program – World Learning/USAID
  • World Vision Indonesia
  • Oxfam GB
  • LDF/ Ausaid
  • Roy Morgan Australia
  • Oxford Policy Management London(OPML)
  • TaskTeam on South-South Cooperation (TTSSC)
  • Senshu University
Non-Government Organizations and CSOs
  • AKATIGA – Centre for Social Analysis
  • Komnas Perempuan
  • Trade Union Rights Centre




  • Senshu University, Japan: Survey on Social Well-being
  • Evans Lestari: Social Mapping and Social Baseline Study
  • Astra International Tbk: Community Engagement of Kampung Berseri Astra
  • Kangean Energy Indonesia, Ltd: Social Mapping and Program Evaluation
  • ConocoPhillips Kalimantan Exploration, Ltd: Socialisation of Seismic Survey, Palangkaraya
  • ConocoPhillips Kalimantan Exploration, Ltd: Social Mapping on  Kualakurun Block, Kalimantan Tengah
  • International Labor Organization: Knowledge, Attitude, and Behavior toward Domestic Workers and Child Domestic Workers
  • Conoco Philips: Social Mapping on Palangkaraya Block
  • BP Tangguh: Study on Workforce and Household Income
  • RiH and GRM: Qualitative Longitudinal Study on PKH Graduation
  • GRM: Qualitative Asessment on BSM
  • Yayasan Kehati: Evaluation on Green Corridor Initiative Program
  • World Vision Indonesia: Baseline Survey on Urban Jakarta ADP
  • Badan Nasional Penempatan dan Perlindungan Tenaga Kerja:
  • Research on Policies to Stop Women Migrant Workers in Indonesia
  • DRPM UI: Transformation of Multicultural values at Family level
  • UNICEF: Formative Study on Out of School Children
  • Oxford Policy Management: Qualitative Assessment on the
  • Social Impact of Cash Transfer Program
  • HITACHI: The Development of Kizashi Project in Indonesia
  • PT Tately NV: Social Mapping Blok Palmerah
  • PT Tately Budong-budong: Social Mapping Blok BudongBudong
  • PT Chevron: Social Mapping Chevron Gheotermal Salak
  • CNV The Netherlands: Evaluation study on CNV Programs for Labors in Indonesia
  • World Vision Indonesia: Transformation of Multiculturalism at Family Level
  • World Vision Indonesia: Baseline Study on ADP Keerom
  • Corporation and Development of Emerging Countries, Institute of Research and Teaching Out Negotiation (ESSEC IRENE), Paris: Evaluation Study on ADP Poso
  • PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara: Social Baseline Study Blok Elang Sumbawa
  • DRPM UI: Youth Conflict at Johar Baru District in Jakarta
  • Oxfam GB: Mid-term review and final evaluation Raising her Voice Program
  • National Development and Planning Agency (Bappenas):
  • Socio-Cultural Development Index for Sector Informal
  • Respect Program – World Learning/ USAID: Endline Survey
  • TPPWPM Kabupaten Karimun: Evaluation Study of The Design and Implementation of Community Development Program of CD Center Karimun District, Riau Islands Province
  • PT Premier Oil: Evaluation Study on PT. Premier Oil IndonesiaCommunity Development Program Anambas Regency
  • Eni West Timor Limited: Baseline and Social Impact Assessment Study West Timor
  • LDF/Ausaid: Access & Equity Survey for Poor Family in Family Law
  • Respect Program – World Learning/ USAID: Baseline study on Pluralism in 3 cities of Java (Survey and Qualitative Studies)
  • PT BANPU/ ITM & Institute Teknologi Bandung: Main Closure Study
  • Respect Program – World Learning/ USAID: Tolerance and Vulnerability among Islamic Communities (Study of 4 Cities in Java)
  • Ministry of Religious Affairs: Civic Education in Pesantren
  • Ministry of Home Affairs: National Social and Political Analysis on post Political Party Act Impementation
  • LIPS-LabSosio-Akatiga-Prakarsa & TIFA Foundation: Research cluster activities: Position Paper on Flexible Labour Market and State’s Responsibility
  • PT Premier Oil: Evaluation Study of Community Development Program in Natuna
  • PT BANPU/ITM & Institute Teknologi Bandung: Strategic & Conceptual Development of CSR
  • The Asia Foundation: Impact of OSS for Business Licenses on Local Economy and Governance
  • World Vision Indonesia: Transnational Development Index UKM: Study on The Development of UKM
  • Ministry of Home Affairs: Social and Cultural Resiliance: An Academic Paper of Distric Head in Preserving Social Cultural Values
  • European Union in collaboration with AKATIGA, TURC: Promoting Fair Regulation In Indonesia; Study and Advocacy in Improving Local Level Investment Environment in Tangerang and Pasuruan
  • Conoco Philips Indonesia: Evaluation Study of Community Development Program
  • Pentasena Binawisesa: Social Forecasting Study for Apartment Development Planning in Jakarta
  • Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture: Empowerment of the Farmers Whose Living in the Marginal Land
  • National Development and Planning Agency (Bappenas): Developing of Democration Indicators Accountability
  • BP Indonesia: Industrial Relations Assessment for BPTangguh Project in Teluk BintuniBerau Coal: Public Relations Developing PT. Berau Coal Ministry of Religious Affair: Activity Pattern of Religious Group on Circle Study After Reform (Case Study in 6 PTUN)




  • Morrigan Research: Training on SPSS
  • World Vision Indonesia: Training on PAR
  • Paramadina Boarding School: Training on Social Research Methods
  • World Vision Indonesia: Training on Social Research Methods Universitas Jenderal Sudirman
  • Titian Perdamaian Institute: Training on Focus Group Discussion
  • Titian Perdamaian Institute: Training on Geographical Information System
  • Titian Perdamaian Institute: Training on Quantitative Research Method


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